Brand New English Words That You Need To Learn Quickly

The Oxford English Dictionary is updated a few times a year with famous new words. And since we love to increase your English vocabulary, we have listed our favorite new words from the past few months. We also explain how you can use them in conversations. If you want to help your child perform great, you can get Best English speaking for 10th class at Cedarwood. Cedarwood provides Best Knowledge and helps polish the potential for your child.

1.Lamestream (noun)

This combination of “lame” and “mainstream” describes funnily the traditional mass media that have become so common that they are seen as drowsy.

2.Bae (noun)

If you use social media, you may have come across the bae in all kinds of posts. It is an acronym for “before anyone else” and refers to someone’s friend.

3.Freegan (noun)

A freegan is a chic version of a dumpster diver. He or she is against consumerism and thinks about the environment by not shopping, but using food & other goods that have been thrown away by others.

4.Brain Fade (noun)

This is the sister of the brain fart and the tip-of-the-tongue syndrome. A brain fade is a blackout in which you can no longer concentrate or think clearly.

5.Pharmacovigilance (noun)

 Preferably when you are talking about monitoring the effects of drugs after they have been approved for use. This way, side effects that were not previously discovered are identified and analyzed.

6.Hot mess (noun)

This is not exactly a positive thing, so be careful if you want to use it: a hot mess is a fascinating but very unsuccessful person or thing.

7.Janky (adjective)

Something is janky if it is unreliable and of poor quality.

8.Fo’s shizzle / for shizzle

This is a new word for sure or absolute. It has been made famous by rapper Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion). If you use it well, you might earn more gangster karma.

9.Al Desko (adjective)

This is the office version of al fresco: al desko is the meal that you eat at work at your desk.

10.Upvote/downvote (verb and noun)

If you regularly give your opinion on websites, you will probably have encouraged other reactions or put them on their number. To upvote means that you agree to downvote that you do not share that opinion. You can show both with the push of a button, often a thumbs up or down.

11.Humblebrag (verb and noun)

This word often comes with a hashtag. Humblebrag means making a seemingly modest remark that is intended to show the world something that you are proud of.


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