Apart from school learning, after-school activities are a 21st-century necessity. Communication skills, problem-solving, analytical thinking, and imagination help children to become smarter and more optimistic. Such after-school activities make children intellectually more curious. Cedarwood helps children grow smarter through customized after-school activities, technical training, summer camps, and seminars.

Importance of summer camps in Pune:

Summer camp in Pune is vital because it provides an opportunity for children to grow up. From home to school and then extracurriculars, each of which contributes to their development. Summer camp in Pune, then, is another unique place for growth, enabling children to become self-reliant and self-confident, socializing and making new friends, and perhaps even learning new skills.

Benefits of Summer camp in Pune:

  • Develops interest– There are not many schools offering classes in game design, archery, or entrepreneurship. There are, however, some camps that specialize in these activities. So summer camp in Pune is a distraction-free option and allows a time for kids to kick the tires with a new interest.
  • Mental & Physical Wellbeing: Camp can make children healthy, both mentally and physically. Do you have a kid who likes video games? Camp would allow kids to get away from the bed and to take courses that teach them how to make real-life physical games instead of just playing on consoles. Camp will also allow for physical activity, no matter which camp they choose.

Summer Camps in Pune with Cedarwood and allied activities

Cedarwood offers an array of after-school activities and summer camp options in Pune. At Cedarwood, we are passionate about schooling, learning, and babies. We are dedicated to providing international quality standards using age-appropriate teaching methodologies and internationally recognized curriculum technologies. Summer Camps in Pune are an excellent idea for an activity for kids.

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Cedarwood Afterschool Program

Cedarwood is a unique platform for supplemental education and After School Activities in Pune for school children. Our network of high-quality teachers not only provides best in class academic tuitions but also specialized courses to hone 21st Century skills for school children across 6 key areas – Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning, Creative Thinking, Collaboration and Creative Arts.

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